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Beavering Away/Regional Energy Opportunties/Phone In: Art Irwin & Home Heating

Beavering Away: Sure, they're industrious and they may be our national symbol, but beavers can make plenty of trouble for people with all their busy work. And when it comes to maintaining wetlands, Ducks Unlimited says beavers top its list of challenges. Farmers and landowners have their own beefs with beavers, and their dams are a regular threat to roadbeds. In Nova Scotia's King's County, the beaver population is soaring, and that's led to some new alliances. Freelance journalist Dorothy King brought us the story.

A Tale of Two Routes: The President of the Newfoundland power company that's proposing to develop a hydro megaproject on the Lower Churchill River says a co-operative regional approach to energy development will serve the area well. Ed Martin of Nalcor spoke at the annual business outlook conference sponsored by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland have made a joint application to Ottawa for 375 million dollars to help build an underwater cable that would carry electricity from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia and the rest of the Maritimes. But Newfoundland is also trying to secure an energy transmission route through Quebec. Mr Martin says, given the size of the resources Newfoundland has, it will need both routes.

On the phone in, Art Irwin answered all your questions about bathroom fans, heaters, and keeping your abode ventilated, and snug.

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