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Difficult Political Choices/Phone In: Wildlife Biologist Bob Bancroft

Burgeoning Debt, Difficult Choices: The three Maritime provinces are struggling with burgeoning debt loads, and all three provincial governments have difficult choices to make. In Nova Scotia, a panel of economists the government established warned that if the province continues on its current course, it could face a one-point-three billion deficit within three years. The Nova Scotia government has promised to introduce ground-breaking legislation that will include a new jobs strategy, a five-year paving plan, a response to Dr John Ross's emergency room report, and a capital budget similar to one New Brunswick tables each fall.
Don Mills says difficult political decisions demand political courage. Mr. Mills been tracking public opinion in the Maritimes for decades. He's the president and CEO of Corporate Research Associates.

Safe Haven : On the Phone In: Wildlife biologist Bob Bancroft talked about how to create habitat for the creatures in your neck of the woods, and he answered all your questions about wildlife of the Maritimes.

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