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Please Send Money/ Phone In: Bullying Prevention

Cooling Off in Kamloops: Just about everyone has a road trip story. You could call it a right of passage and the thing that makes us Canadian. The popular Maritime band The Stanfields are currently on a road trip, playing gigs out west. But their trip has come to a screeching halt. The band has to be back in the Maritimes by November 4th, and they're hoping their fans will help them get there. We reached Jason MacIsaac, who plays guitar with The Stanfields.

Big Bullies: Over the years, schools across the region have adopted anti-bullying campaigns, and everyone from the Red Cross to police departments to students themselves have developed approaches and campaigns to prevent it. Our guests were Susan Buchanan, who runs anti-bullying seminars and workshops through her Nova Scotia-based company, Clarior Consulting, and Rob Frenette, a university student and co-founder of Bullyingcanada.ca. During the phone in we also heard from Stacey Coy, the Atlantic Canada co-ordinator of an anti-bullying program called Respect- Ed developed by the Red Cross, and from Richard Derible, a fomer principal who's now a Safe Schools Consultant with the Halifax Regional School Board. Our question: what's the most effective way to prevent children from being bullied.

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