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Lackluster Business Ranking/Phone In:The Science Panel

Sputtering Economic Engine: Political and business leaders say it repeatedly: small businesses are the engine that drives the economy. If so, then the Maritimes apparently needs a tune-up. According to a study by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the region's entrepreneurial spirit is flagging in the face of an unfriendly business climate and pessimism about the future. The business group took a look at 100 cities across the country and ranked them in order of how business friendly they were. Not a single city in the Maritimes made it into the top ten. Amelia Demarco, a research analyst with the CFIB, told us about the numbers, and the reasons behind the results.

Carbon Curiosities: Until recently, the best known carbons were graphite and diamond. But there's so much more in the wonderfully weird world of carbons. Drs. Mary Anne White and Richard Wassersug took us on a tour - and answered your questions about the Science of Everyday Life.

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