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Fed up Volunteer/Putting Down Roots/Life Altering Phone In

Time Out: Anyone who's ever attended a minor hockey game knows that too often the behavior of parents in the stands is way off-side. Anyone who coaches or volunteers in kids' sports has a story about a run-in with an irate parent. It's enough to persuade some volunteers to call it quits. That's what Wayne MacDonald did. He used to be on the executive of a minor hockey association in Timberlea, Nova Scotia.

Planting the Seeds: The struggle to attract more immigrants to the region is an on-going one, and the province of Nova Scotia has just started a program to help them put down roots. The idea is to attract people who want to farm. Kim Forsyth is with the province's Department of Agriculture.

Taking Stock: Our guest was Alabama artist Amos Paul KennedyJunior>, who ditched his job as a computer analyst, said goodbye to a comfortable middle class life, and became an old fashioned letterpress printer. Our question: What are you gointg to do with the rest of your life?

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