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Tunicate Invasion in Northern NB/ Queen Mary 2 to the Rescue/ Phone In: Car Care with Doug Bethune

Sea Squirt Invasion: No one knows how it got there, but an invasive species called tunicates, never before found in New Brunswick, has appeared off the coast of the Acadian peninsula.Tunicates reproduce quickly, and can cause problems for marine-based industries like acquaculture. CBC Reporter Alison Northcott has the story.

Sea Rescue: The North Atlantic ocean can be an unforgiving place this time of year, especially if you run into trouble.That's what two Newfoundlanders found out this past weekend.The sailors were crossing the Gulf of Maine enroute to Yarmouth when the weather, and the seas, turned ugly. When the generator on their boat, the "Santa Lucia", conked out, and the water started rising, the sailors sent out a Mayday and prepared to abandon ship. The Queen Mary 2, one of the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liners, just happned to be in the same area, and she set out to offer help. T-J Daley is one of the rescued sailors.

Car Care: On the Phone In, Maritime Noon's automotive consultant Doug Bethune answered all your questions about maintaining your vehicle.

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