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Still in a Spanish Jail/ Cheaper public transit buses/Phone In: Marjorie Willison

All Aboard: The town of Cornwall, Prince Edward Island, is revved up over the purchase of its new bus. It's made in China, from North American parts. Not only is it the first of its kind in Canada, but the way it's built may make it affordable for cash-strapped communities to expand their transit routes. The CBC's Laura Chapin had the story.

Digby Fisherman in Spanish Jail: A group of people in Digby County, Nova Scotia have just finished a two-day email blitz to "Free Philip Halliday". The 54-yr-old Digby fisherman was arrested when police raided a ship off the Spanish coast last December, and seized 1.5 tonnes of cocaine hidden in the hold. Friends and supporters of the Halliday family began the email campaign to convince Canada's minister of Foreign Affairs and the Prime Minister's office to take a closer look at his situation. CBC reporter Jennifer Henderson spoke with Halliday supporter Teri Faessler.

On the phone in, Marjorie Willison answered all your gardening questions.

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