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Scotland's Approach to Dementia/ Art Irwin on Heating Your Home

The Cost of Doing Nothing: Dementia already affects 20% of seniors who are over the age of 80, and a new case of dementia is diagnosed every five minutes. A generation from now, more than a million people in this country will have some form of the disease, such as Alzheimer's.
The health care costs associated with dementia already top $15-billion a year, when you factor in caregivers' unpaid labour. The Alzheimer Society of Canada has estimated that in three decades the figure will be 10 times higher. Health care researchers say Canada is unprepared for what they describe as a coming crisis, and say the country has no national action plan for dementia. That's in marked contrast to the situation in Scotland. One of the people deeply involved in the progress that country has been making is June Andrews. Professor Andrews is the Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling.

Toasty and Warm: On the Phone In, Art Irwin answered all your questions about heating your home.

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