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Street Hockey on Ice/ Preparing for Natural Disasters/ The Weather Phone In

Game Off: Maritimers of all ages love their street hockey, especially this time of year when ice hockey leagues are just gearing up for a new season. But not all the neighbours on every street are fans. For the second time this year, street hockey is front page news. That's because the RCMP has been called in, once again, to break up a game. It happened last spring, and most recently this past weekend on a cul-de-sac in the community of Prospect near Halifax. Bill Estabrooks represents the area. He's also Nova Scotia's Minister of Transportation, and he's responsible for the law that officers are enforcing to clear the streets.

Ready Aye Ready: When it comes to natural disasters like hurricanes everyone should be prepared, no matter what their personal situation. But people who are disabled have a particular challenge. Anne Macrae is the Executive Director of the Disabled Person's Commission in Nova Scotia.

Weather or Not: Few people are as qualified to talk about the weather as David Phillips. He's a senior climatologist with Environment Canada, and the creator of the Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar. He answered all your weather-related questions.

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