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Sprinting to New Delhi/Maritime Software Developer Has Hit on His Hands/ The Science Panel.

Can't Get There Fast Enough: Canadian authorities have called the unfinished condition of the athletes' village at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi "revolting". Earlier this week, a walkway to the main Olympic Venue collapsed, injuring more than a dozen workers. Two Canadian athletes have pulled out of the Team Canada delegation, citing concerns about health and safety. The Games are scheduled to open on October 3rd, but doubt has been raised about whether they will begin on time. Seven of this region's top athletes are heading to India in the next few weeks. They include world class sprinter Adrienne Power.

A Hit On Their Hands: Remember those old time photo booths that you and your pals used to pile into at the local mall? You'd mug for the camera, and wait for the glossy four-picture strip to slide out of the side of the booth.
No? Oh well.
A small Maritime-based company has hit the big times with an updated version of the photobooth. It's an application called Pocketbooth that they created for a U-S client that you can download it to your Iphone or Ipod touch. Bill Wilson is with Mindsea, the co-creators of Pocketbooth. .

Ghost Hats & Ghost Socks: Of our five senses, touch is the most expansive.A dip in a cool pool on a hot day feels good. But hitting your funny bone isn't all that funny. Touch is also mysterious. Why does a tiled floor feels so much colder than a wooden floor - even though they're side by side in the same house? And why does holding a partner's hand alter ones sense of pain? Our Science Panel of Drs Richard Wassersug and Mary-Anne White answered some of these mysteries, and took all your questions about the Science of Everyday Life.

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