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Your Experiences with Palliative Care

Slipping This Mortal Coil: While most of us will not be in much of a position to dictate the terms of our leave taking, most of us would say, if asked, that we want a "good" death. But what does that really mean? Carrying on as normally as possible until you fall off your perch? Dying at home, surrounded by family or friends? Slipping away quietly in a hospital bed on a cloud of pain-killing drugs?
It's been said that what the baby boomers want, the baby boomers will get. And what that aging demographic increasingly wants is access to palliative care to ease the transition from this life into the next. Palliative care can come in many different forms, and is more accessible in some locations that others. And, there's a solid argument to be made that such care would save our health system a lot of money.
Dr Fred Burge is the Research Director at Dalhousie Family Medicine, and has focused his research on end of life issues. Glenna Thornhill is part of a team of seven nurses who deliver palliative care services in the home. Dr Pam Mansfield is the President of the New Brunswick Hospice Palliative Care Association. They were our guests as you shared your experiences with palliative care.

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