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Too Much Maganese A Cause for Concern/The Genealogy Phone In

Too Much of a Good Thing?: The chemical element manganese occurs naturally in food, water and soil. Among other things, our bodies use it to metabolize carbohydrates. If you don't have enough manganese in your body, you can develop dermatitis and high blood cholesterol. But researchers at the Universite de Quebec in Montreal have found that children who drink water that contains higher than normal levels of manganese do less well on I-Q tests. It's the first study of its kind to focus on the potential risks of exposure to manganese. We spoke with Dr Maryse Bouchard,, the lead author of the study.

Look It Up: Looking for a lost sock or a missing receipt can be a frustrating business. But it's nothing compared to the hunt for a vital bit of genealogical information that's buried under a tonne of other facts and figures. Genealogists are always scouring books, documents or online resources in their search for missing links. Terry Punch joined us with some pointers, and he answered all your questions about genealogy.

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