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Your reaction to our story about new fees for getting cellphone bills in the mail / Phone-in : Your ideas for genuine Maritime movies

Pay And Pay Again: Roaming charges; locked phones; inflexible, expensive plans. We covered a lot of ground on Monday's phone-in, when our guests, David & Alexa Lemstra of cellplanexpert.ca  provided advice on navigating your way towards the most economical cell phone strategy for your needs. But in the course of that hour, we heard about the new $2 surcharge for customers who wouldn't or couldn't pay their monthly bill online.
Tuesday, Bruce Cran of the Consumers' Association of Canada told us that Maritimers weren't the only ones not happy about "having to pay to find out how much they have to pay".
Melissa Friedman joined me to share your emails and calls on the issue.

Frankly, We Do Give A Damn : Gone With the Wind is a classic of international cinema. But once you get past the lush, orchestral music, the Hollywood stars and the thousands of extras, it's really a regional film. It illustrates people in a particular place and a particular time.
For film fans in this region, there are long waits between movies that depict life or issues or people or places that are specific to the Maritimes. That doesn't mean such films are only for Maritime viewers. A generation ago, "Goin' Down The Road" followed the misadventures of two guys who left the Maritimes to find work in the big city. That story line could be recognised anywhere in the world where people have too few job opportunities at home.
"Margaret's Museum" - based on Sheldon Currie's story about a tragedy in a Cape Breton coal mining town - touches anyone whose loved ones work in a dangerous industry.
Plenty of films are shot here, but often, Maritime locations are basically body-doubles for New England towns. What we wanted to hear were your ideas for genuinely Maritime films.
Cheryl Wagner is a writer, story editor, actor, and Gemini and Emmy Award-winning producer. She's one of 12 professional filmmakers & producers who've formed The ISLAND FILM FACTORY - determined to make 'screen-based stories' on PEI [i.e. low budget films for different platforms].
Jan Miller is the President of Lowenbe Holdings. She's developed one of the world's top Pitching and Content Development workshops, which she's presented from South Africa to China. Working with the Atlantic Film Festival Association, Jan is Director of Canada's premier international co-production market, Strategic Partners
Jan & Cheryl helped callers fine tune their pitches for authentic Maritime films.

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