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New fees for receiving bills in the mail / Phone-in : Jim White answers questions about using paint, stain or wallpaper

Paying To Pay: People used to compain about getting nothing but bills in the mail. But as more of us pay online, there are fewer & fewer bills slipping through the letter slot.
Well, many Maritimers are finding out this month that certain companies have decided you should pay $2 for the privilege of receiving a bill that tells you how much money you owe them.
Tuesday, on our phone-in about cellphone plans with the founders of cellplanexpert.ca , Ruth Brewer of Cavendish called to complain about the $2 fee that Bell is now charging her for choosing to receive a paper copy of her bill (and Bell isn't the only company instituting this fee). We spoke with Bruce Cran, president of the Consumers' Association of Canada.

Serengeti Sand or Buttered Yam ? You might take days to compare colour swatches - holding them up to different lights, comparing them to your sofa - all to make sure you end up with just the right shade of paint for a particular room.
But do you put as much thought and energy into preparing the walls ? Well, if you've been a little lax in that department, Jim White dropped in with advice to ensure your next project is a success. He operates Lake City Paints and XXL Painting in Dartmouth. He answered your questions about using paint, stain or wallpaper.

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