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Not the Kind of BLT You Had in Mind/ The Older I Get, the More I Realize......

Not the Kind of BLT You Had in Mind/ The Older I Get, the More I Realize......
Female blacklegged ticks in various stages of feeding. Note the change in size and colour, from right to left. (Photo courtesy of Public Health Agency of Canada)

Ticks Spread: Nova Scotia has identified a fourth area of the province where the ticks that carry Lyme disease are established. Dr. Maureen Baikie travelled to Pictou County to warn people they should take precautions to avoid black-legged ticks when they're outdoors. In New Brunswick, these ticks are also well established in some areas near Saint John, but in PEI (where ticks generally aren't common), they haven't presented a problem yet.

Lyme Disease is infectious and can cause a variety of symptoms, starting out with a rash in the shape of a "bull's-eye" which can lead to other symptoms such as fever, fatigue and depression, if left untreated. We spoke with Dr. Maureen Baikie in Pictou.

Words of Wisdom : Acquiring knowledge is one thing. But wisdom - something that grows out of years of observing the tragic, comic and mundane elements of life - wisdom is quite another. The insights that eventually bubble up to top of mind don't necessarily work for anyone else, but they can help guide you through life's ups and downs. And you don't have to be of advanced years to notice recurring patterns in human behaviour - some old souls seem to sort things out pretty early in life. Our guests are keen observers of life - at home, in their communities and in the wider world. Lisa Hrabluk provides professional writing services in Saint John and has been, among many other things, a political columnist. Don Munro is the Producer of Information Morning in Sydney & a quizmaster who's been known to make radio hosts sweat when he tests their knowledge of current events.
So, did you complete the following sentence : "The older I get, the more I realize....".

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