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Peter Gzowski: A New Biography/ On the Gardening Phone In: Marjorie Willison

Captain Canada: His voice, and style were unmistakable, and many devoted CBC listeners adored him. The legendary CBC broadcaster Peter Gzowski hosted the national radio show Morningside for 15 years. The hundreds of thousands of Canadians who tuned in each day appreciated his charm, and his gee-shucks style. It masked a razor sharp intelligence, and unsatiable curiosity. But when the microphones were off, a different persona emerged. Gzowski was, at heart, an intensely private man, and all too human. Rae Flemming has explored the private side of Peter Gzowski in a new biography that is sure to outrage some, and intrique others.

On the Phone In, Marjorie Willison joined us to take all your gardening questions

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