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What Role Should Governments Play in On-Line Gambling?

Hedging Their Bets: The on-line gambling business is big money, raking in billions of dollars around the world each year. Many sites are run by private offshore companies.That worries organizations such as the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, which says millions of dollars are leaving this region each year through online gambling. Several provincial governments are trying to get a piece of the action by setting up their own gambling sites. British Columbia got into the game last month. Quebec has announced it will offer online gambling this fall, followed by Ontario in 2012. Here in the Maritimes, the Nova Scotia government is publicly musing about the idea.
Our guest was Dr. John McMullan, a professor of sociology and criminology at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. He's studied gambling advertising and marketing, as well as the link between gambling and crime. Our question: what role do you think governments should play when it comes to on-line gambling?

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