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Flash Flood in Cape Breton/ Overlooked Corners in Genealogy

Stranded! : For many Maritimers, the past weekend was like most this summer, pleasantly sunny and rain free. But at the northern tip of Cape Breton Island, the story was completely different. The small community of Meat Cove was hit with heavy rain that led to flash flooding. The rush of water washed out several bridges on the only road to the village. Nearly a day and a half later, close to a hundred tourists and locals are still stranded, as engineers try to determine how long it will take to reopen the road. Derrick MacLellan lives in Meat Cove, and guest host Bob Murphy spoke to him from a community centre that is now doubling as a command post.

Overlooked Corners: Some historians believe you can enrich your understanding of the past by actually visiting the places where events unfolded. Terry Punch says that also applies to genealogy, if you're able to visit the homesteads or towns where your ancestors lived, and let your imagination take you on a trip through the years. And, Terry says, wandering through those overlooked corners can provide inspiration in your genealogical search. Terry also answered all your questions about tracing your family tree

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