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Mailbag: Customers with "issues", proposal for deposits on take-away coffee cups, and Canada Border Services / Phone-in: Janice Murray Gill on pickling

Having Your Say: Our recent phone-in on the occasionally testy relations between customers and front-line service sector workers ( "Is the customer always right ?" ) prompted a flurry of emails. So did the suggestion from one listener that there be a 10-cent deposit on take-away cups for coffee and tea. And oh, yes - there's the continuing matter of finding out about the way that the Canada Border Services deals with complaints.
Producer Deborah Woolway joined me to read your comments.

In A Pickle: You can almost hear the ripening cucumbers calling to you softly from your back garden and stalls at local farmers' markets. They're saying, "Pickle me ! Pickle me !" And if you don't do something about them soon, those faint cries will start sounding like the drone of vuvuzelas at the World Cup.
But what to pickle, when to pickle, and how to pickle? Whether you're an old hand looking for new recipes, or a novice whose enthusiasm currently outstrips your experience, Janice Murray Gill can help. Janice answered questions about pickling. She also suggested these sites to help you with your pickling : http://pickyourown.org/makingpickles.htm and http://picklesecrets.com/ 

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