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Maritime cyclists want safer roads, more training opportunities / Phone-in: Would you favour year-round education ?

Who Cares Whether Gas Prices Go Up Or Down ? On Wednesday's show, you shared your favourite rides around the Maritimes - and we heard about some beauties. But many of you expressed concerns about the state of the roads & highways & streets in the region; the concensus among cyclists was that they're somewhere between poor and dangerous. Maritime Noon's producer Deborah Woolway joined me to read some of the many responses we received after the show, including an enlightening description of bike-friendly Denmark.
Then, I spoke with Doug Regular, Vice President of Education, Bicycle Nova Scotia, and a CAN-BIKE National Examiner and Instructor. CAN-BIKE aims to provide cycling courses for all ages - eventually.

The School Year, Re-edited : Students might be wincing at all the Back-To-School ads blossoming around them these days. But would they be happier if the summer vacation were short enough to make those ads unnecessary ?
Some schools in Canada have been piloting so-called "year-round" education. Instead of the current 10 weeks of summer vacation, there are only 4. However, there are more short breaks through the year.
There's research to show that the shorter summer break keeps more students better engaged with learning.
But could this just be the latest of many magic bullets fired at the education system over the years ? There's a perception that core student outcomes - that is, competency in reading, writing, computation & critical thinking - have been sliding, despite much tinkering. On the other hand, could the lengthy summer vacation - a throwback to an era when children were needed to work on the farm - be one of the problems ?
Our question : "Would you favour year-round education ?" Our guest was Annie Kidder, Executive Director of People for Education, a parent-led organization working to support public education in Ontario

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