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Phone-in - Terry O'Reilly of "The Age of Persuasion" : What's the Most Effective Ad You've Seen Lately ?

I'm Not On A Horse: Let's say you have a product that you want to sell. It doesn't matter whether it's new or something that's been around for a long time and lost significant market share - how do you get people at least to think about your product and - ideally - to buy it ? And who's going to do the buying : a man or a woman ?
Well - there are print ads, spots for radio or TV, billboards, the space on the rear end of buses - heck, you can place your ad at eye level above the urinal in men's rooms (which, alas, will not by seen by half the population).
You could use conventional advertising media to direct people to your website for a more personalised interaction.
Or you could tap into social media : YouTube, Facebook and Twitter - and try to connect with people who'll then spread it to their friends. Creating buzz on social media by "going viral" is a recent phenomenon, but ultimately - do the same principles of conventional advertising apply ? Do those amusing videos actually persuade you to part with a buck ? And if they do, is it because the creativity & effectiveness of the pitch was superior ?
Terry O'Reilly has worked through many fads and trends in the advertising world, and he's a keen student of his trade's history & evolution. He's shared insights through his CBC Radio One series "The Age of Persuasion" (to hear past shows, click here ) and through a book of the same name - "a book aimed at the people ads are aimed at".
Terry O'Reilly was our guest as we asked : "What's the most effective ad you've seen lately ?"

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