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Maritime company grows to meet global demand for a particular size of wind turbine / History repeats itself with cheap food imports squeezing out locally-produced items / Phone-in: Advice on solving computer performance problems

Small But Mighty : When it comes to the wind power industry - that is, companies that build all those turbines - there's a perception that the real action goes on outside the Maritimes. But a regional company has been growing its export trade in a particular wind power niche : the 50-kilowatt turbine that's ideal for rural users, such as farms, fish processing plants and industrial parks.
Seaforth Energy of Dartmouth has just acquired the assets & intellectual property of Entegrity Wind Systems - a firm with operations in PEI and Colorado that went bankrupt last year. Seaforth's president Jonathan Barry told us he feels the acquisition will help his company capitalise on worldwide demand for its turbines.

An Old Story : Many of you seem hungry to talk more about the importance of buying locally-produced food and the frustration of not being able to find it regularly on grocery store shelves. Colin May of Dartmouth sent an email which explains how his genealogical research in England indicated that this was a problem in the 19th century, when cheap imports from the more agriculturally advanced and productive farms of Holland and Denmark affected farmers in the UK. We also read an email from Tom Webb, Program Manager with Co-operatives and Credit Unions in Atlantic Canada and played a call from Kevin Ans of Sussex Corner, New Brunswick.

Floss Your Computer : Is your computer driving you crazy - with pages that load so slowly your coffee is cold by the time you get to the site you want ? That might be symptomatic of a nasty problem. Is it a virus? Or a worm? Or something else? And what's the best way to protect all the information on that hard drive?
Marie Kulbaski, a senior manager with Media Technology Services at CBC Radio provided some high-powered technical help in sorting through common issues that plague your computer.

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