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What keeps Maritimers from buying more local food in supermarkets / How George Wendt (Norm from "Cheers") settled on a run of "Hairspray" in Charlottetown / Phone-in: Art Irwin on ventilation, heating & energy conservation

The "Choke Point" At Your Supermarket : The old challenge "put your money where your mouth is" seems tailor-made for the issue of Maritime consumers supporting local food producers. Because despite all the talk about the importance of buying locally, a study released by the Ecology Action Centre & the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture last week showed that the portion of people's food budget spent on local meat, fish, vegetables and fruit has actually declined - from 17% in 1997 to 13% in 2008.
It's not clear why that's happened, but Fred Wade has a pretty good idea about one obstacle to increasing local sales.
Mr Wade operated nine independent supermarkets in Annapolis Valley communities before he sold the chain 14 years ago. He now runs a successful pyrotechnics company, Fireworks FX, but he's still keenly interested in the food business.

Where Everybody Knows His Name : American actor George Wendt created the much-loved character Norm Peterson on the long-running TV hit sitcom "Cheers". The deadpan one-liners he fired back to Woody as he arrived for a beer at the legendary bar have become classics.
But are you ready for George Wendt taking to the stage as Edna Turnblad in the Charlottetown Festival's production of Hairspray later this summer ? It's a role he first performed on Broadway in 2007. We reached George Wendt in Charlottetown.

And to re-acquaint yourself with some of those exchanges between Norm & Woody, click here.

It's The Heat...And The Humidity : Many tenants and homeowners in the Maritimes don't have the luxury of air conditioning.
But even without A/C, you can take steps to help you get a good night's sleep, and reduce the mould and mildew problems from moisture that's condensing in all the wrong places.
Energy Consultant Art Irwin returned to answer your questions about beating the summer heat, and making sure your abode is cool, dry and comfortable.

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