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Unanswered questions about the controversial new "liberation" treatment for MS / Feedback on how to encourage more young people to stay and work in the Maritimes / Phone-in: Dan and Darren Steeves answer questions about how to pursue a healthier lifestyle

More And Less Than Meets The Eye : Once upon a time, if you played a word association game with Canadians and said "Zamboni", they'd link it to the machine that resurfaces ice in hockey rinks. But these days, the name is also associated with an Italian researcher, Dr. Paolo Zamboni. He developed a procedure for people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis which involves inserting a balloon, which is blown up inside a vein to improve blood-flow to the brain.
There have been public testimonials from some Canadians who've gone to his clinic or to others in Europe and Asia to receive the treatment. And more recently, the discussion has turned political. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall announced his province is going to fund clinical trials on the treatment, which immediately led to demands that other premiers follow suit.
But aside from a theory, some testimonials, and a hopeful cohort of people with MS, what do we need to find out about the Zamboni procedure ?
Dr Jock Murray is Professor Emeritus at the Dalhousie Medical School and Founder of the Dalhousie MS Research Unit.

Makin' It Work: It might be midsummer - a traditional vacation period - but apparently, many of you are hard at work, discussing...work. It started last week when our phone-in question was "What could Maritime employers do to attract young workers ?"
Wednesday, we played a call to the answering machine from Scott, who used to live in Bridgewater, but worked in Calgary for several years. He's moved back to the Maritimes and now lives in Hantsport and works in Halifax. Scott made several points : first that employers here aren't as welcoming or accomodating as in Calgary; second that the cost of living is higher that the Maritime Provinces admit when they're trying to lure back workers. We read an email from Trevor MacKarney in Dartmouth who's in total agreement, but we also had a call from someone who suggested Scott had made choices which increase his cost of living in the Maritimes.

The Before & After Brothers : You may have heard of The Brothers Karamazov, and you've almost certainly heard of the Blues Brothers, but you've never heard these brothers in action - together.Individually on past phone-ins, they've helped Maritimers make positive lifestyle changes - but from different directions.
Darren Steeves is a fitness expert who works with the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic & runs his own consulting business, and his brother Dan Steeves works with the Capital Health District in Halifax; he's a community outreach worker with expertise in preventing and treating addictions. They teamed up with advice on how to get past obstacles that keep you from taking more responsibility for your health - such as quitting smoking or starting an exercise program.

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