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Your thoughts on the future of the forest industry / Phone-in : Marjorie Willison returns to answer your questions about gardens and lawns

Seeing The Forest For The Trees : There are few topics we deal with on Maritime Noon which ignite as much passionate debate as how to manage and care for our forests.
On Thursday, we spoke with two players in Nova Scotia who approach the issue from vastly different perspectives.
Raymond Plourde is the Wilderness Co-ordinator with the Ecology Action Centre. He said he supports a set of recommendations now before Nova Scotia's Minister of Natural Resources. Two out of three members on a government committee have recommended tight restrictions on clear cutting, whole tree harvesting, and the use of herbicides.
But Steve Talbot of the Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia told us that adopting the recommendations would take away tools the industry is now permitted to use. He wants the recommendations re-examined, and FPANS has launched what it calls an "awareness campaign" among its 700 members - who range from from large pulp companies to small woodlot owners - urging them to contact the minister and convince him to reject the recommendations.
Those interviews prompted many calls and emails, and producer Deborah Woolway joined me to share them with you.

The Midsummer Surge: This is the time of year when the garden can get completely out of control. A few days of rain give your flowers, vegetables and lawn much-needed moisture. But when the sun returns, you can be faced with an explosion - not just of the plants themselves, but new pests, more weeds, mould and mushy blossoms to deadhead.
In case you're feeling overwhelmed, Marjorie Willison (author of The East Coast Gardener) joined us to help relieve your anxietites and suggest priorities that'll help ease you through the rest of the gardening season.

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