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Health implications for babies who aren't weaned from the bottle after 15 months / Money-losing Co-Op Atlantic store looks to other successful turnarounds in the region for inspiration / Phone-in : Jim White on using paints and stains

Suck It Up...But Not For Too Long : Having a baby immediately triggers a whole new set of decisions. And making the best decision for your baby now doesn't mean it'll still be good six months from now.
Take the decision of when to wean the baby - specifically, when to wean the baby who's bottle-fed. A study published this week in the Journal "Pediatrics" indicated that intervention by a health care professional can help parents decide to wean their infants from the bottle at about 15 months. The reason for this deadline is that prolonged bottle feeding can actually lead to health problems.
Dr Robin Walker is a Pediatrician and the Vice President of Medicine at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. He's also a regular guest on our phone-in. He explained the health consequences of prolonged bottle-feeding.

Use It Or Lose It : That could be the message that members of the Co-op Atlantic store in West Saint John hear at upcoming meetings. For the past few years, the store has struggled with operating losses, and now faces possible closure.
But according to the Public Affairs Manager for Co-op Atlantic, the general health of its retail stores in the region appears to be good. We contacted Romeo Cormier in Moncton to find out what's challenging outlets like the one in West Saint John and what's helping others thrive.

Our Brush With Greatness : It's a rare week on Maritime Noon when we don't get a call or email from a listener asking how they can get hold Jim White. He operates Lake City Paint and XXL Painting in Dartmouth and he returned with advice on any project involving paint or stain. He also explained how to select the right brush for those projects.

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