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Phone-in: Jim Lindner with advice on saving personal audio-visual materials and migrating them to digital formats

Time Is NOT On Your Side : No matter how much you cherish that audio cassette of grandmother reminiscing about life on the farm, the photo slides of that once-in-a-lifetime trip, or the VHS of your baby's first steps, Father Time is not a sentimental person.
The actual materials used to record those important moments can literally turn flaky over the years. And beyond that, the devices used to play them back aren't exactly filling the store shelves.
But how can you save those audio-visual gems from the pre-digital age for your own enjoyment and for future generations looking for a link with the past ?
Jim Lindner pioneered techniques now commonly used for videotape restoration, and he's overseen the video restoration of such collections as the NBC News Archive, The Library of Congress, The Metropolitan Opera, and The Andy Warhol Foundation. When he's not summering in the Maritimes, he works with Media Matters in New York.
Jim answered questions about how to preserve your personal audio-visual treasures, transfer them to digital formats, and back them up.

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