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Stranded cows and flooded roads in NS/NB border area / Ottawa's decision to drop mandatory long-form census could eliminate best source of unbiased information / Phone-in: Doug Bethune on automotive problems

How Now, Wet Cow? Highway shoulder washouts, road closures, and bellowing cows in water up to their bellies : it's been quite a weekend in the Amherst area. It was drenched in 43 millimitres of rain on Sunday with more in the forecast. Some roads in Cumberland County have been closed, and RCMP are warning drivers to be careful. The CBC's Kevin Harvey told us what he'd seen - including a herd of stranded cattle.

If You Don't Feel Like It, Don't Bother : As a citizen of Canada, you want to believe that you count in the eyes of your government. But what if your government loses interest in counting you ?
The next Canadian census will still include the short-form questionnaire about gender, age, marital status & the relationships of people in your home. But the mandatory long-form survey - with about 50 questions - will no longer be required of 20% of households. Instead, Ottawa will send out the long-form to more people, but make the act of completing it voluntary.
The decision didn't come from Statistics Canada - it was political (Industry Minister Tony Clement said some people simply don't like filling out long census forms). But what will it mean if Ottawa no longer gets solid data on education, employment, income, ethnicity & language ? Rosella Melanson, Executive Director of the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women, told us what we'll lose if the government doesn't collect solid data.

Driving In The Damp: It's been a wet, soggy few days in much of the Maritimes. And whether you're running errands across town or making plans to haul a boat trailer loaded to the gunnels to your favourite lake, driving in the rain presents challenges.
Doug Bethune explained why you should never use cruise control when it's raining and shared other tips for safe wet-weather driving. He also answered your automotive questions.

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