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Shunning our Shorelines?/ Thoughts on a Culture of Peace/ Hiking Phone In

Anchors Away: If you're a passenger on a cruise ship, lounging by the pool and sipping on a coconut drink with one of those little umbrellas - you're probably NOT preoccupied by what type of fuel is propelling your boat. But some cruise ship companies are threatening to stay away from North American ports - including those in the Maritimes - once new fuel regulations come into effect in 2012. The new rules would mean a 3.5 percent reduction in the amount of sulphur allowed in fuel when cruise ships or cargo vessels are anywhere within 200 nautical miles of North American shorelines. Port Authorities throughout the region are keeping a close eye on the developments. One of them is Captain John McCann, the director of operations and harbourmaster with the Saint John Port Authority.

Give It A Chance: Yesterday on Maritime Noon, we asked you for ideas about how to build a culture of peace. Our guests were Alyn Ware, a New Zealander who's been awarded the "alternate" Nobel prize for his on-going work on disarmament and peace issues, and River Smith, a young activist who helped organize a peace conference this week at Mount Saint Vincent University. After the phone in we heard from Dr John Leblanc, a pediatrician at the IWK and an associate professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at Dalhousie.

Have Boots Will Hike: When the sun is shining it's tempting just to head to the beach and soak up the rays. But if you're looking for shade or a little exercise, the long daylight hours make it a perfect time to take a hike. Our guests were Michael Haynes, the author of several books about hiking trails in Nova Scotia, Paul Gaudet who writes a hiking column for the Moncton Times-Transcript, and Tom Connor, a dedicated explorer of the trails of PEI. You called in with your suggestions.

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