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Bob Bancroft Health Update/ Eel River Bar dam opens/ Children's health

Bob Bancroft: A few weeks ago, Maritime Noon received some news that really threw us for a loop - our long-time wildlife expert - and long-time friend - Bob Bancroft had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Bob's wife Alice said he was putting a halt to his many extracurricular commitments - and concentrating on getting better. Now, while Bob's not out of the woods yet, he does not have lung cancer, and we're happy to share that he's received some qualified positive news.

Opening the Flood Gates: The First Nation community of Eel River Bar in northern New Brunswick celebrated this week as the gates to the dam on the river that flows through their community were opened permanently. It's the first step in the restoration of the river. Now, work to dismantle the dam will begin - and the entire structure will be removed within a year. The CBC's Alison Northcott got an update from band councillor Gordon Labillois.

Happy and Healthy: Whether you run a summer day camp for kids - or are a full-time Mum or Dad - you get used to dealing with skinned knees, bug bites, and runny noses. But sometimes the injury can't be soothed with a SpiderMan band-aid and a popsicle. Luckily, we know one pediatrician who makes house calls - at least house calls to Maritime Noon! Dr Robin Walker is vice-president of medicine at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. He answered your questions about keeping your children healthy. He also passed along several links that deal specifically with Lyme Disease in children:

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