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Nursing Our Nurseries/ Phone In: Art Irwin on Heating and Ventilation.

Nursing Our Nurseries: As many a green-thumbed gardener knows, the season to plant flowers and prune shrubs - and launch night attacks on big fat slugs - can be strikingly short here in the Maritimes. That means that local nursery owners have only a few months to eke out a living. Aside from the short season, they also have to compete with the garden centres that sprout-up like spring tulips in the parking lots of grocery stores & big-box outlets everywhere. And that makes it difficult for some smaller-scale nursery owners to survive. Bob Osborne owns Corn Hill Nursery, outside Petitcodiac, New Brunswick, and Paul Grimm owns Springvale Nurseries, which is about to close its Garden Centre in Berwick, Nova Scotia. They spoke with last week's guest host, Jean Laroche

Cool and Snug: This is a great time of year to just kick back and forgo the chores. After all, Maritimers live for our all too brief summer. But if you invest a little time - at least planning those odd jobs - it will be worth your while. Art Irwin operates Irwin Energy Consulting Services in Halifax. He answered your questions on heating and ventilation.

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