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Tidal Power Setbacks Par for the Course/Phone In: BBQing

Down but Far From Out: The news that Irving Oil has abandoned its research into tidal power in the Bay of Fundy sent a ripple through the Maritimes. Irving says that its decision was "due to policy concerns and uncertainty around the viability of tidal technologies". It comes just weeks after Nova Scotia's efforts to test the strength of those tides hit a major snag. A test turbine lost two blades and the companies involved are planning to raise it some time this fall to try and determine what went wrong.
These are setbacks for an industry in its infancy in this region, but it's not that unusual according to Chris Campbell, the Executive Director of the Ocean Renewable Energy Group.

Grease that Grill!: The hardier souls among us like to barbeque year-round, but summer is prime grilling season. Sometimes it's as simple as picking up a steak and slapping that bad-boy on the grill. A little spice rub or marinade can add flavour or transform a cheaper cut of meat into a tender and juicy meal.
But if you really want to turn it up a notch - there are cooking techniques that can make your next BBQ truly spectacular. Our Chef panel was Lars Willum, who runs a catering company called Cape Breton Gourmet, and Jesse Vergen, the executive chef at the Saint John Ale House.

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