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Tidal Power Ebbs and Flows in the Bay of Fundy/ Phone In: Is Technology bringing us closer togather or driving us farther apart?

Ebb and Flow: The surging tides of the Bay of Fundy have the potential to provide massive amounts of power - if only they could be harnessed. On both sides of the Bay environmentalists and industrialists look at the churning waters and contemplate the possibilities and the challenges. And they are considerable. A test turbine placed on the Nova Scotia side near Minas Basin has been damaged - and will be pulled up later this fall in an attempt to analyse what went wrong. And in New Brunswick, Irving Oil has quietly walked away from the tidal research project that was announced with great fanfare only two years ago. We spoke with the CBC's Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon for an update on the situation in New Brunswick. Afterwards, Nova Scotia's Minister of Energy Bill Estabrooks told us that his province remains committed to the development of tidal power in the Bay of Fundy.

Tweet This, Text That: Internet social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube have a tremendous capacity to connect us in ways no-one even thought possible a decade ago. But is all the time we spend online or texting or trading e-mails coming at a price? Can an "I-heart-you" message with smiley face really replace time spent together? There's no question we're better connected technologically. The world-wide-web makes it possible to hook up with family or friends or reconnect with long-lost classmates at the click of a mouse. But that ease and speed is also changing the nature of our contact. Why take the time to compose a a letter when you can blast off an email or use the phone. Why email or phone when you can text? Our guest was psychologist Dr Stacey MacKinnon from the University of Prince Edward Island. Our question: Is technology pulling us together or driving us farther apart?

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