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The Cost of a University Education/ Cruising on the Hanseatic/Pet Care Phone In

Counting the Cost: The latest survey of Maritime University graduates includes sobering news for those who want to further their education. Most students who got an undergraduate degree in 2003 went on to get a second degree in order to help them get a job. And that extra university time had to be financed by an ever-gowing debt. We spoke with Mireille Duguay, who's with the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission.

Anchors Away: The Hanseatic is a German-owned expedition cruise ship that caters to passengers from around the world. It recently completed a cruise in Atlantic Canadian waters, including a full circumnavigation of Newfoundland. Travel writer John Nowlan signed up for the trip, and once he got his land legs back he joined us to share details of the trip. Check out his pictures in our photo gallery.

Pet Care: It's a scene that plays out every year at this time. Firefighters or police are called in to rescue a pet - usually a dog - that's been locked inside a parked car that's rapidly heating up in the summer sun. The excuse from the embarrassed owner is just as predictable. "I was only gone a minute", "I left the window open a crack" , "I didn't know it would get so hot so fast!" Dr Eric Carnegy set us straight on the dangers of leaving your pet in a vehicle, and answered your questions about keeping your pets healthy and happy.

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