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The Case of the Exploding Wine/ Investing in the Past to Forge a Future/ What Makes a Great Workplace?

Unlucky Seven: The Nova Scotia winery Benjamin Bridge has been enjoying year over year success with its white wine Nova 7. Two years ago, the Gaspereau Valley winery described its product as "nothing short of spectacular". Today, some of it been pulled off the shelves - a company recall prompted by concerns about the possibility some bottles may explode because of problems with the fermentation process. We spoke with Peter Gamble, a winery consultant who's been working with Benjamin Bridge.

Investing in the Past: Coastal communities throughout Atlantic Canada have faced major challenges since the demise of the traditional fishery. In remote Battle Harbour, just off Labrador's south coast, cod was king for close to 200 years. But after the decline of the inshore fishery in the 1960's, that community's permanent residents were relocated. Today, the Battle Harbour Historic Trust has brought the isolated village and its salt fish heritage back to life as a tourist attraction. Travel writer John Nowlan was there recently, and spoke with theTrust's director, Gordon Slade.

Building a Better Workplace: When you wake up in the morning are you ready and raring to head into work? Is the place where you spend at least eight hours a day one where creative ideas flourish and co-workers like and respect each other? Do you and your colleagues work towards clear and common goals?
Many workplaces set objectives about making their company a great place to work. But how do you make that objective meaningful, and how do you measure that laudable goal? We asked you to reflect on the great and the gruesome places where you've toiled, and share your observations about what made them so successful, or, a tough slog. Our guest was psychologist Dr Michael Leiter. He holds the Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health at Acadia University, and runs an organizational consulting firm whose goal is to enhance the quality of worklife. Our question: what makes a great workplace?

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