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Fire destroys the legion branch in Oromocto and a chapter in the history of local veterans / Forget swings and monkey bars - Dartmouth kids get a nature-inspired playground / Phone-in : Marjorie Willison answers gardening questions

Irreplaceable : Hearts are heavy in Oromocto. An overnight fire destroyed the local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion - a fire the RCMP deem "suspicious".
The CBC's Angela Chang reached Harold Perrin, a Korean War vet, and president of Branch 93.

Having Fun, Naturally: Think back to the adventures you had as a kid, playing with friends outdoors. Chances are, the best fun happened - not in a paved schoolyard or a rock-strewn lot - but in natural settings.
A dusty playground on a busy Darmouth street is about to be transformed into the kind of inspiring landscape any preschooler would love.
Rusty Keeler, an artist and designer from New York state, is heading the project. Lisa Davies runs the Dartmouth Developmental Centre, where the magic will take place. The CBC's Margot Brunelle dropped by to hear about the "before and after" of this playground makeover.
To see some of Rusty's projects that helped create more natural playspaces for children in various parts of the world, click here.

Yes, You Can : No matter how much or how little space you have to garden in, it's never a story of marching from success to success. You might have grown herbs from seed and watched them topple over because of rotted stems. You might have popped out this morning to see how that store-bought delphinium was doing and sworn that you heard the slugs burping from an overnight feast.
Marjorie Willison dropped in with a pep talk to get you through gardening setbacks like that. She's the author of The East Coast Gardener, and answered your questions on flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees and lawns.

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