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Why bodychecking at Peewee level of hockey is bad for your kid's health / Candid look at the uneasy relationship between politics and science / Phone-in: What's a must-see destination or event in the Maritimes this summer ?

To Check or Not To Check ? That's been the choice for every minor hockey league in Canada. And they've all made choices over the past decade, as evidence about concussions and serious injuries - especially among players 12-and-under - has mounted.
Now, the Journal of the American Medical Association has published a study comparing hockey players in provinces that made different choices. Researchers followed 2000 peewees : half from Alberta, where checking is permitted, and half from Quebec, where it isn't. The study concludes that in leagues that allowed checking, there's a 3-fold increased risk of all game-related injuries (concussion, severe injury, and severe concussion).

All three Maritime Provinces permit bodychecking at the Peewee level. 
We spoke with Dr Natalie Yanchar , a pediatric general surgeon and Medical Director of the Trauma Program at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. She is also the Canadian Pediatric Society's recipient of the 2010 Victor Marchessault Advocacy Award, which honours individuals or organizations who have made outstanding contributions. Dr. Natalie Yanchar was recognised for her contributions to injury prevention legislation and guidelines.

Political Tradeoffs and the Health of the Ocean: Whether it's a coastal nation with pristine beaches or a landlocked one that imports all its seafood, you'd like to think that politicians would accept that there's mutual interest in making good decisions about the ocean - decisions based on the best science available.
But Dr Susan Lieberman has seen the way that political trade-offs can trump ocean science - over and over again - with sorry results for the planet.Dr Lieberman is Director of International Policy at the Pew Environment Group, and has led the World Wildlife Fund in policy and advocacy related to several international treaties, including CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.She was in Halifax to deliver the 2010 Elisabeth Mann-Borgese Lecture, entitled "Science Versus Politics : Tales From CITES".

Road Trip ! We live in a glorious part of the world and there's plenty going on in it this summer. From islands like Miscou, Panmure and Tancook, to historic sites and local festivals, the list of things to see and do is a long one. So, if you have a camping trip with the kids in mind, are contemplating a biking holiday with friends, or even a meander down country lanes, this was the phone in for you.
Our guide was Harvey Sawler. He and photographer George Fischer have criss-crossed the region and the result is a book called Unforgettable Atlantic Canada - a province-by-province listing of some the area's greatest tourists hits - and many lesser known gems. We asked what you'd recommend as a must-see place or event in the Maritimes this summer.

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