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Decommissioned sub with bleak future in the Maritimes becomes tourist attraction in Québec / Phone-in: Bonnie Adams of Barley, Malt & Vine on making beer or wine at home

Up Periscope & Up Paid Admissions: Promoting tourism in the Maritimes - or anywhere else in Canada - is always a challenge. Every region looks for something new and interesting to attract visitors.
Well, how about taking a decommissioned East Coast submarine and turning it into a museum ? That's what happened to HMCS Onondaga. The Oberon-class sub was one of four that floated quietly for years in Halifax Harbour after they were decommissioned.
Now, Onondaga has a new lease on life as a star attraction in Rimouski, Quebec. As the CBC's Susan Woodfine reports, tourists are clamouring to get aboard.
By the way, the three other subs that were decommissioned at the same time - the Olympus, Objibway, and Okanogan - remain afloat on the Dartmouth side of Halifax Harbour in the naval annex dockyard. The Department of National Defence hasn't made any decisions about how to dispose of them, and says they are inspected regularly to ensure they are "safe to float".
So the Onondaga has moved on to become a tourist attraction in Rimouski. But is there a new tourist attraction in your community that the rest of the region should hear about & visit ? Or perhaps something that isn't even promoted as a tourist attraction but which would interest visitors if only they knew about it ? Call our answering machine at 1-800-565-5463.
By the way, next Wednesday, we'll be joined by Harvey Sawler, author of "Unforgettable Atlantic Canada : 100 Must-See Destinations & Events" (complete with photos by George Fischer). We'll want to hear which destinations & events are a must for anyone on the move this summer

DIY Bevvies: Whether you enjoy a crisp white summer wine or a cool beer on the deck with your burger, the taste is especially memorable if you've made the beverage yourself. Bonnie Adams of Barley, Malt and Vine in Saint John answered questions about home brewing and winemaking.

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