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Solving a Flood Plain Problem/Fighting Food Fraud/Phone In: Jim White on Paints and Stains

Fighting Food Fraud : Two years ago the world's attention was focused on China. Tens of thousands of babies were getting sick at an alarming rate, and many died. The problem was traced back to baby formula laced with melamine - a toxic powder normally used in making plastics. For researchers involved in developing a cutting-edge food tagging system, what happened in China illustrates the need to be able to trace ingredients back to their origin, especially in cases of what's known as "food fraud". Some of those researchers are in Halifax this week to showcase their work. We spoke with Dr. Nicholas Low from the University of Saskatchewan who's part of a team that developed what's being called a "stealth tagging system" for food.

Don't Build An Ark - Move: When you live in a flood plain or along a piece of the coast that's vulnerable to storm surges, guess what happens every time there's a big storm ? That's right : there's nowhere for all that extra water to collect but your basement or your business. The cost of repeated cleanups and water diversion schemes are huge and don't address the real problem : people are living and working where they probably shouldn't. But now, the Mayor of Saint John is floating a plan which will be closely watched by anyone interested in adapting to extreme weather events in vulnerable areas. Mayor Ivan Court says the city would consider buying dozens of homes in the flood-prone Glen Falls area, and he believes the provincial and federal governments would help out. The CBC's Connell Smith had the story.

Paint This, Stain That: Your deck needs to be cleaned and re-stained, and the side of the house that gets all the weather is in desperately in need of a touch up. Whether it's a huge outdoor project, or you just want to spruce up the bathroom, nothing improves appearances faster than a coat of fresh paint or stain. Jim White runs Lake City Painting and XXL Painting in Dartmouth, and he answered all your questions.

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