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Lobsters cruise in style to markets in Europe / Phone-in: botanist Marian Munro answers questions about edible wild plants of the Maritimes

Bon Voyage: Lobster is the region's most valuable seafood export, and it's enjoyed all over the world, from the United Kingdom to Korea. When lobster from Atlantic Canada goes overseas, it usually takes a jet plane. It's packed in boxes in the hold, and within a day, arrives fresh and lively at its destination.
But a technology developed in Europe by Aqualife will now allow live lobsters to be shipped in ocean containers for trips that can last weeks.
Recently, the first two containers left Halifax bound for the Netherlands. Freelance reporter Shaina Luck travelled to East Jeddore in Nova Scotia to bid them goodbye.

Free Food ! How would you like to make summer soups, salads, beverages & desserts with free ingredients ? Well, "the price is right" when you get to know the edible wild plants that could be as close as your backyard.
Marian Munro introduced us to them and answered questions about greens, berries and other plants you can safely eat. She's the Botany Curator at the Nova Scotia Museum and co-author - with Mary Primrose - of Wild Flowers of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island.

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