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An Idea That Holds Water: Phone-in: Encore Careers

Quenching Your Thirst: A drink of water in a public building used to be found at the closest water fountain. Over the years, those water fountains have all but disappeared. A group of business and engineering students on the Acadia campus is bringing back the water fountain, sort of. The students have designed a water bottle refill station made out of fiberglass instead of the traditional plastic and metal-made water fountains. It's cheaper, and more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles. This week the project earned the team a national award from a charitable organization called ACE which stands for Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship. We spoke to David Paterson one of the students on the team. Here's a video of their water fountain. Take a Bow: Really. Why not? If you're into what's being called an encore career, you have a lot to be proud of and plenty to contribute. For many people, it's not much of a choice: they seek out a second career to supplement their retirement incomes. Others can't imagine seeing themselves retired and doing nothing, and they plunge into part time work or seek out volunteer opportunities. The Maritimes has the oldest population in the country and a growing number of retirees aren't missing a beat as they step up for their Second Act. But getting to that second career after a lifetime of service to one company or one profession can be a bit of a head spin. Where do you start to look for another job? How do you reshape the skills you've developed over your working life to make them meaningful in a different job environment? Karen Schaffer has a Masters degree in career counselling and 15 years experience as a career coach. Karen's the author of several books including "The Job of Your Life: Groundbreaking Steps for Getting the Work you Want". Tina Battcock is happily into several second careers, both paid and volunteer. They answered your questions about developing an encore career.
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