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Three More Years for Georges Bank/ Erosion on the Maggies/ Phone-in: Sleep Disorders.

Not Nearly Enough: The Nova Scotia government has decided to extend a moratorium on oil and gas exploration in the fertile fishing grounds southwest of Nova Scotia known as Georges Bank. The current moratorium was set to expire in December 2012. The NDP government had been toying with opening up the grounds to exploration. But with massive oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Australia as a backdrop, Premier Darrell Dexter announced the ban would be extended until December 31st, 2015. That extension didn't satisfy Denny Morrow, the executive director of the Nova Scotia Fishpackers Association.

As Constant As the Tides: All around the coastline of the Maritimes, erosion is having a serious impact. Scientists say the phenomenon is accelerating, as climate change causes the sea level to rise and weather patterns to change. The problem is growing particularly acute around the wind swept, low-lying Magdalene Islands in the Gulf of St Lawrence. After a mild winter, followed by a stormy spring, researchers think this could be a particularly bad year. Authorities there are trying to figure out how to protect the coastline. But the solutions aren't simple, and every step that's taken to protect one area, will ultimately have an impact on another. Reporter Ainslie Maclellan had the story.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream:
There are now more reasons than ever to get a good night's sleep - as if you needed them. New research suggests that consistently getting your rest will help you maintain a healthy weight, and that the opposite is also true, that sleep deprivation leads to obesity. Dr Rachel Morehouse is a psychiatrist who established the first sleep investigative centre in Atlantic Canada at the QEII Health Science Centre in 1991. She now runs the sleep disorders clinic and lab in Saint John. Dr Morehouse answered your questions about broken sleep patterns, and why chasing some shut eye can sometimes be an illusive pursuit.

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