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Separated at Birth? Weird Seaweed and Tim Burton/ On the Phone-In: The Secret Life of Birds

Out There:
Tim Burton is a wildly imaginative Hollywood director known for such hits as Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. But even he probably couldn't imagine this: a doctoral student at UNB in Fredericton has named a new strange-looking seaweed after the idiosyncratic filmmaker.
Bridgette Clarkston is a UNB doctoral student who works at one of the world's top seaweed science laboratories in Fredericton. She told us about her discovery.

The Secret Life of Birds: If you want stories of real-life sex and scandal, don't waste your time watching celebrity TV or surfing the web to find out who's been cheating on whom. Instead, step into your backyard before sunrise tomorrow morning. Or start hanging out in the nearest woods.
And listen. Very carefully.
That's what Bridget Stutchbury has been doing for years. She's the Canada Research Chair in Ecology and Conservation Biology at York University. She's also the author of "Silence of the Songbirds", and, now, "The Bird Detective : Investigating the Secret Lives of Birds". Dr Stutchbury answered your questions about what all those wild birds are tweeting about all the time.

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