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The Head of Corridor Resources Steps Down/ Phone In: Pet Care

A Little Luck and a Lot of Gumption: Norm Miller is an explorer at heart, and his curiousity, willingness to take risks, and just plain luck have all put Corridor Resources, the company he founded, in an enviable position. This week, the 70-year-old Mr Miller announced he will retire as President and CEO of Corridor on October 1st. The Halifax-based exploration company made its fortune and reputation in New Brunswick with the McCully gas field in southern New Brunswick, just outside Sussex.
          Corridor was created in 1995, when Miller heard about plans for a pipeline connecting Nova Scotia's Sable offshore developments to New England. He recognized the potential to find petroleum along the route, particularly in New Brunswick, and bid for some licenses there. His idea was to develop natural gas projects at locations close to the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline, so it could be easily shipped to market. Today, Corridor is seeking and developing petroleum and natural gas in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and on Anticosti Island in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
        Norm Miller spoke about his company, and the thrill of exploration, at a meeting of the Offshore Industry of Nova Scotia, in Dartmouth.

Spring Clean Your Pets: Spring cleaning high on the agenda for many Maritimers these days, whether it's washing windows, wiping down walls or clearing out the clutter. But what about the family pets? Don't they deserve a little spring cleaning of their own; perhaps a nail trim, a good brushing, and a new flea collar?
         Getting pets ready for warmer weather will ensure your dog remains your best friend and your cat continues to purr. And, if you do it right, you might even cut down on the rest of your spring cleaning. Veterinarian Dr Eric Carnegy was our guest and he answered all your questions about keeping your pets healthy and happy.

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