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I Heard the Mussels Call My Name: The Gardening Phone In

Calling All Mussels: As humans, we have many options for communicating with one another - a wave to the person across the street; a radio show that links people in three provinces; an email, Tweet or phonecall around the globe.
On the other hand, you might assume that, say, a colony of mussels clinging to the rocks for their entire lives would not be in touch with mussels further up the coastline. But a new paper says mussels in one location can send messages that affect mussels thousands of kilometers away, and years later. For an explanation, we contacted Dr Frederic Guichard, an associate professor of biology at McGill University.

From Curioisity to Knowledge: And as you might have heard, there's a big quest for scientific questions unfolding across Canada right now. Well - not just any question, but "The Next Big Question". It started here in the Maritimes last month - the first event in a seven-city tour sponsored by the Canadian Institute For Advanced Research. At each stop, three scientists give a local audience their best arguments for why the question that drives their work should become The Next Big Question for Canadian researchers. Maritime Noon recorded that event, and last week, we played back the public question & answer session which followed the presentations. You told us you appreciated the time we devoted on the show to the topic.

The Gardening Phone In: Can we learn to love the dandelion ? Or do it in without the aid of pesticides ? Marjorie Willison took on the challenge and answered all your gardening questions

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