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What Sank The NBPower/Hydro-Québec Deal ? Phone In: How Has Divorce Changed Your Life?

Why The Deal Went South: last November, New Brunswickers woke up to the startling news that their government intended to sell N-B Power to Hydro Quebec. At the time, very few people knew how much power rates would need to rise to cover the utility's 4.5 billion dollar - and growing - debt, a growth largely due to delays in refurbishing the Point Lepreau nuclear power station.
This week, Premier Shawn Graham sought federal help to pay for the cost overruns at Lepreau, which are estimated at between 450 million and 1 billion dollars. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited is in charge of the upgrade at Lepreau, and Premier Graham says it's not fair that New Brunswickers should have to pay for AECL to learn "on the job" for the benefit of future refurbishments elsewhere in the world.
Power rates for New Brunswickers are already expected to rise 3% a year to cover the Lepreau delays not covered by AECL. Bill Marshall is a former NB Power executive and energy consultant who supported New Brunswick's revised deal to sell NB Power to Quebec . He thought it was the only way to avoid "rate shock" down the road. Marshall shared his opinions about why the deal evaporated this week at an energy conference in Halifax. He also offered his perspective on the importance of more regional coooperation when it comes to developing energy policy.

More Than An Institution: marriage is an entire belief system. So when a marriage fractures, the partners can be shocked into questioning everything they'd ever taken for granted : their judgment in choosing each other, their sincerity in vowing to stay together until parted by death - even their sense of self-worth and abilities as lovers or parents.
When Sarah Hampson and her husband divorced after 18 years of marriage, they not only had their individual lives to sort out. Most importantly, there were the lives of their three children to consider. But they also learned what all exes discover - that every relationship - whether with family, friends or work associates - had shifted under their feet. In her book, "Happily Ever After Marriage", Sarah Hampson doesn't just examine the arc of her own marriage; she shares the insights of the men, women and children who've gone through divorce, revealing a much richer diversity of experience than the stereotypes would have us believe. And since so many married couple break up, there's no shortage of people with their own story to tell. We asked you: how has divorce changed your life ?

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