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From Goats Gone Wild to Saving Your Pennies/ The Phone in: Art Irwin

Maritime Noon Has Overtime Periods: just like the NHL or the NBA: except that, unlike pro sports, we go into overtime every day. Once we leave the studio we head back to our desks to check out your emails and answering machine comments on interviews or our phone-in topics. Take personal finance. Recently, Micheline Godin wrote to say that it's never too early to start learning how to handle money, and she described the "four wallet" system she uses to teach her six year old daughter. Then Iain MacLeod shared a tip about credit cards courtesy of a very helpful bank teller. He says every month and free of charge, his bank will go into his account and remove the necessary funds to bring his credit card to a zero balance. No fuss, no muss. And, his bank offers another free service. When you get a replacement credit card, they notify all your pre-authorized payees (eg: the phone company, cable company, etc) which is very helpful service but only available if you ask for it.
                 Then there was Runner. Matthew Eisses heard how we'd tracked down the owner of the big, 400-lb exotic brown & white boer goat which one of you had seen hanging out with deer. It turns out Runner had bolted on the day he was delivered to a farm in Nine Mile River - 4 1/2 years ago. Matthew's a farmer, and he cautioned that the goat's owner was still liable for any damage the animal might cause.

Oil Tank Turmoil: If the mild weather has had you poking around the yard, the early start of perennials and shrubs probably caught your eye. But that mean you might have a smaller window of opportunity to see the places where winter weather might have compromised the exterior of your house - because once those bushes fill in and flower beds are in bloom, you won't be able to get that close again until about November. It's also a good time to make some decisions about your oil tank, especially if it's outdoors. The latest Canadian Standards Association code on residential oil tank installations could apply to you. Art Irwin operates Irwin Energy Consulting Services in Halifax, and he offered advice on your heating system, insulation or energy conservation.

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