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Youth Outreach Program Loses Its Funding/Phone-In: What Aren't You Getting From Mainstream Newspapers?

To Good To Last: It's a program that offers hope and practical training to troubled young people who've fallen through the cracks of society. The Youth Outreach Program run by the John Howard Society in Fredericton also had an enviable success rate, encouraging kids to return to school, and making it possible for them to find work. It's federal funding has just dried up. We spoke with Valerie MacCullam, the Executive Director of the John Howard Society in Fredericton.

Read All About It: Of all the means of distributing journalism and other information, newspapers carry the richest history. Like resilient nations that survived for centuries, they've yielded larger-than-life characters, and been shaped by battles that changed the borders of their influence. Some seemed to vanquish their foes, so it's no surprise that the word "empire" was attached to large newspaper chains.But like many empires in history, the newspaper seems to be crumbling. It's under siege on many fronts : the loss of advertising revenue, the migration of readers to the web, even the cost of newsprint and delivery. And what of the content ? The reporting & opinion, sports & business - even the cartoons & horoscopes ? How much do people care about getting that mix of information from several sheets of newsprint they can open at the kitchen table or on the bus ? That's been the source of much reporting & opinion over the past few years, and at this point, it's not clear what's next for newspapers. But there is a sense that we're in the midst of some fundamental change in our relationship with all that ink and paper.
                        In the 1960s and 70s, several alternative publications emerged in the Maritimes, because their editors and reporters felt the mainstream papers weren't tackling stories that might make established interests uncomfortable. Nick Fillmore published The 4th Estate in Nova Scotia during that time. He was a reporter, editor, producer and investigative journalist with the CBC for more than 18 years and a founding member of the Canadian Association of Journalists and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression. Mr Fillmore writes on media issues and develops media projects in Africa.
Silver Donald Cameron was the publisher and founding editor of The Mysterious East, an alternative monthly based in Fredericton from 1969 until late 1972. He's an author of non-fiction and fiction, a columnist with the Sunday Herald, and the interviewer on a web-based show called thegreeninterview.com, featuring conversations with thinkers, activists or innovators. Our question: What are you not getting from mainstream media?

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