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Fiddling Around With Energy Efficiency/Phone-in: Your Favourite Maritime River

One Man's Plan: There are many motives for reducing your domestic fuel bill. For starters, you could save a pile of money. But Duncan MacAdams feels that government programmes and incentives from utilities haven't gone far enough in moving society towards greater energy efficiency. Mr MacAdams manages several properties in Halifax. He's a mechanical engineer, and he believes that whether you own a bungalow or an apartment building, there's a financial obstacle that keeps us from breaking with what he calls "obsolete" energy sources and replacing them with more secure ones. He presented his ideas for getting past that obstacle to a Utilities and Review Board hearing into energy conservation this week. To read his proposal, click here.

Going Down the River: Rivers have always held a special place in the lives of Maritimers, from the days when they were key transportation routes and commercial arteries that linked isolated communities, to the present, where they offer a variety of recreational opportunities. And, of couse, there's always the stunning views they provide as they meander through the landscape. From the Kennebecasis to the Miramichi, the Margaree to the LaHave and to the Brudenell, Cardigan and Montague, you shared your stories about the Maritime river that hold a special place in your heart. Our guests were journalist, poet and playwright Harry Thurston and David Folster, the founding president of the St John River Society. Congratulations to Mr Folster, whose lifelong commitment to the St John River, and to it's people, history and environment, will be honored April 24th at a dinner in Fredericton.

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