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MD who examined emergency medicine system says some problems can be fixed without additional money / Phone-in: Jim White answers questions on using paint or stain - indoors or out

Not An Open & Shut Case: If you want to create a political firestorm anywhere in the Maritimes, try shutting down a local Emergency Room. Even staffing a rural ER on weekends or coping with long wait times in an urban hospital are common problems around the region.
Dr John Ross says part of the fix lies in uniform standards and smarter staffing - and not necessarily more money. He's Nova Scotia's Advisor on Emergency Care, and he's been traveling to hospitals and ERs throughout the province, both to gain a better understanding of the difficulties and to help develop solutions.  
Dr Ross has released his interim report and shared his findings.
To read the report, click here.

Not So Fast : A few days of unseasonably warm weather can lead you to do some silly things -  like starting to paint the exterior of a house. Jim White is with Lake City Paint and Paper and XXL Painting & Decorating in Dartmouth. He described the sad consequences of starting those outdoor paint jobs before you get the right conditions. He also answered questions about using paint or stain on any surface - indoors or out.
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